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Our Life, In Piles

  Movers showed up at the house this morning with a large truck and a stack of boxes to pack up our worldly possessions — or at least the things we’ll need in England for the next eight months (minus the things we can’t live without for the next three weeks while the freight is […]


                    For Christmas this year, Grandfather gave us a 4D puzzle of London. ┬áThat’s 1,140 pieces spanning two puzzle platforms (London in 1666 as a base with a second level depicting the city in 2013) plus 73 major buildings layered on top. Quite a project! Our […]

England by Emma

ENGLAND A faraway dream lives today, seven months, a distant place to explore, a different world of Queen Elizabeth, Charles Dickens, and the Beatles. To learn, live, enjoy a dream that yesterday seemed impossible.

Tess’ first blog post

My family is going to England. I am excited to go there because I like to meet new people. Also, it will be fun to wear a uniform to school. Lastly, I can’t wait to ride the chunnel to France.

Five Things We Know About England

Why drag the family abroad?! We have a whole bucket full of reasons. High on the list is a desire to enhance our children’s education as they grow — hopefully — into savvy and sensitive world citizens. And since it would seem you can’t have education without assessments these days, we figured we should administer […]

Meals, Manners, and Moving

So we’re sitting down to dinner at our dining room table in Vermont a few weeks ago. Like most mealtimes, we’re all here — Andy, Ana, Emma, and Tess — our little family of four. And like most families, we’re engaged in the endless battle of wresting order from chaos among the barbarians here gathered. […]