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Okay, the UK is going wild over the Tesco horsemeat scandal. If you haven’t heard of it in the US, consider yourself lucky. It all started when government inspectors in Ireland detected horsemeat in Tesco brand Value Meat hamburgers. (That’s value for you!) ┬áDNA tests showed that as much as 29% of the burger meat […]

The British Museum and Trafalgar Square

For our last day of Half Term Holiday with Uncle Ed, we decided to hit a few famous London landmarks. We began at the massive British Museum, whose collections include more than 7 million objects from around the world (many of them the spoils of Empire), displayed in 94 galleries. Truly, you could spend a […]

My Dream Castle (by Emma)

My dream has always been to stay, for some period of time, in a house covered in vines. So, my dream castle would be a medieval castle almost completely covered in vines and moss. It would be made of stone with 4 turrets on the corners, surrounded by a large moat. There would be drawbridges […]

Mind the Gap

Get it?!?

My Dream Castle (by Tess)

Yesterday we went to Bodiam Castle and I was thinking of my dream castle. It would have a plumber, a carver, a seamstress, and a fabric maker. There would a conveyor belt inside so the fabric would go automatically from the fabric maker to the seamstress. There would be a person who would go out […]

To the Tower!

Who’s afraid of the Tower of London? Not us! On a surprisingly sunny, cold day, we rode the train from Windsor into London, popped onto the Underground for a few stops, and emerged at Tower Hill. It used to be a place where traitors and the King’s enemies were taken – and the trip might […]

School Disco at Queen Anne (by Tess)

Last night I had a school disco! It was awesome! It had awesome lights, make that disco lights, and a video screen. Here’s a (bad) picture of it: We met in the school gym and a DJ played music like Gangam Style and Cotton-Eyed Joe and lots that I never heard before. There were probably […]