Saturday 3 August: Roald Dahl reigns as a marvelous spinner of tales in children’s literature. He’s a British author and therefore in a long line of storytellers whose main characters are orphans — think Oliver Twist and Harry Potter. But in one of Dahl’s stories, the parents are still alive but just awful — ripping […]

Friday 2 August: Hever Castle was the childhood home of the infamous 2nd wife of Henry the VIII, Anne Boleyn. Her family owned it for many years but Henry took it from the family after her execution and later gave it to his 4th wife, Anne of Cleves, as a consolation prize after their divorce. […]

Thursday 1 August: Our destination today: the mighty fortress of Dover Castle! Known as “the Key to England,” this castle has defended the shortest crossing between England and the continent for over nine centuries. Its spectacular site atop the famous “White Cliffs” was probably an Iron Age hill fort, and still houses a Roman lighthouse. […]

Wednesday 31 July: My sister Jennifer is a marine ecologist who works on oysters and intertidal dynamics on the coast of Washington state. Turns out our family junket to coastal Kent was a bit of a “busman’s holiday” for her; a colleague hooked her up with Ramsgate resident Willie McKnight who’s working to prevent non-native […]

Tuesday 30 July: The Grange sits in Ramsgate on the coast of Kent, overlooking the Royal Promenade and a stretch of English Channel coastline that would certainly have been picturesque in the 1840s before a large, concrete ferry terminal was constructed there. Ramsgate itself is a classic British seaside town, now slightly faded, but glorious […]

Monday 29 July: En route to the coast of Kent for a five day holiday, we decided to break up the drive with a stop at Scotney Castle because WE LOVE CASTLES! This one is ruined and romantic and medieval, nestled in a valley bottom surrounded by lovely gardens. The Elizabethan-style manor house nearby was […]

Sunday 28 July: With just three weeks left in England, we’re trying to knock off a few more items on our British Bucket List. For Andy, that list includes attending an outdoor theatre performance. His first choice venue was the Globe Theatre in central London — ¬†where Shakespeare debuted many of his plays — but […]