Sunday was our travel day back to Vermont. We told the girls to sleep in as long as they could, since we would be up so late traveling back to Vermont. Tess, who loves to stay up late and sleep in late, took us up on the offer. She didn’t wake up until 10:35 in […]

Just for the fun of it, here’s a summary of our British adventure in list form… * CASTLES * Warwick Windsor Bodiam Tower of London Tintagel St. Catherine’s Edinburgh Deal Scotney Dover Hever St. Michael’s Mount * PALACES * Hampton Court Palace Kensington Palace Kew Palace Blenheim Palace * STATELY HOMES * The Grange Buckland […]

1) Massive wardrobes in the master bedroom. I loved shoving everything inside and closing the doors, and I loved having separate spaces for Andy and me so his (burgeoning) fancy shirt collection didn’t threaten my (dwindling) skirt collection. 2) Kitchen storage. We had this great big pantry cupboard on rollers so I could access and […]

I’m happy and sad to be going home. Here’s my list of things I will miss. I chose eight things because eight starts with “E” like England and also I’m eight years old now. 1) Custard creams because they’re my favorite biscuit here. 2) My Windsor friends because they were friendly and nice to me […]

The bittersweet end of our English sojourn is close at hand… and we admit to falling behind on the blog as we’ve filled up our schedule with final adventures AND all the logistics of leaving the country. Here’s your own whirlwind tour of our whirlwind tour these last several days. Saturday, August 10 – Visit […]

We bid a sad farewell to my parents, my sister Jennifer, and my niece Katie today. Our two week family fest was great fun and we can hardly believe how quiet and empty the house feels now. During our time together the three cousins played non-stop making fancy scarf fashions, staffing the TEK Tea Shop, […]

Is there anything better than touring castles?! Well, perhaps. We love GARDENS too! Tuesday afternoon, the old ladies of the house left Opa to babysit the girls as we ventured down King’s Road to the Savill Garden — an enclosed part of the Great Park created by Sir Eric Savill in the 1930s and now […]

Saturday 3 August: Roald Dahl reigns as a marvelous spinner of tales in children’s literature. He’s a British author and therefore in a long line of storytellers whose main characters are orphans — think Oliver Twist and Harry Potter. But in one of Dahl’s stories, the parents are still alive but just awful — ripping […]

Friday 2 August: Hever Castle was the childhood home of the infamous 2nd wife of Henry the VIII, Anne Boleyn. Her family owned it for many years but Henry took it from the family after her execution and later gave it to his 4th wife, Anne of Cleves, as a consolation prize after their divorce. […]

Thursday 1 August: Our destination today: the mighty fortress of Dover Castle! Known as “the Key to England,” this castle has defended the shortest crossing between England and the continent for over nine centuries. Its spectacular site atop the famous “White Cliffs” was probably an Iron Age hill fort, and still houses a Roman lighthouse. […]